5th International Congress of St. Hildegard

„That's how God heals”

Legnica, 20th - 22nd September 2019




It is not allowed at the event to market your own activities or third parties in any form, 

especially through the dissemination of advertising materials, without the organisers consent. 


§ 1.

Definitions and terms contained in the Terms & conditions


  1. Whenever in the Terms & conditions it is referred to as "Congress", it means the 5th International Congress of St. Hildegard of Bingen "THAT'S HOW GOD HEALS". The goal of the Congress it is to deepen the knowledge about life, activities and achievements of St. Hildegard of Bingen; propagating the teachings of St. Hildegard of Bingen.

  2. Whenever in the Terms & conditions it is referred to as "Participant" means participant of the 5th International Congress of St. Hildegard in Poland - "That's how God heals".

  3. Whenever in the Terms & conditions it is referred as the "Organizer" means to the organizers of the 5th International Congress St. Hildegard in Poland, Polish Center of St. Hildegard, Hildegarda ltd and the Diocesan Education Center in Legnica.

  4. The registration form is a document serving the Participants to register their participation at the Congress.

  5. The fixed registration fee is the amount that provides the organization and course of the Congress.

  6. The variable optional fee is the amount that results from the options selected by the Participant in the Registration Form.

  7. Congress fee is a fee, which consists of a fixed registration amount plus a variable optional amount (fixed registration amount + variable amount optional = congress fee). The Congress fee is set in the Registration Form.


§ 2.

General provisions


  1. The 5th International Congress of St. Hildegard of Bingen "That's how God heals" will take place from the 20th until the 22nd of September 2019 in Poland, Legnica.

  2. The organisers of the Congress are: 

    1. The Centrum św. Hildegardy w Polsce ® Association

    2. The Diocesan Education Centre in Legnica

    3. Polish Centre of St. Hildegard ® dr Alfreda Walkowska

    4. Hildegarda Ltd.

  3. Participants in the Congress are: members of the Association, lecturers, invited guests, business executives, representatives of legal entities, publishers and all interested in the person and work of St. Hildegard of Bingen.

  4. The participant who presents a presentation, delivers a lecture or reads is:

    1. ​A person taking part at the Congress with his own presentation;

    2. A person qualified to appear at the Congress by the Organizer, who will be informed by electronic means in due time.

  5. The Congress will include lectures, workshops, discussion panels, meetings with the music of St. Hildegard. Exhibition stands will be also available.

  6. The number of exhibition stands are limited.

  7. The official website of the Congress is at: Hildegarda.pl/kongres

  8. The regulations of these terms & conditions apply to all participants at the Congress.


§ 3.

Participation rules


The organizer announces the date of starting of the registration to the Congress Participants in the message posted on the Hildegarda.pl website

  1. The condition for participation at the Congress is the fulfillment of two conditions in total: filling out a registration form of participation at the Congress and paying the congress fee. The amount of the Congress fee is determined in the Application Form after it is completed. The congress fee consists of a fixed registration amount and a variable optional amount. The application form posted on the website www.hildegarda.pl/kongres is available in a format to be completed on-line or in a printable format (PDF).

  2. Formal registration of participation at the Congress may take place through:

    1. filling out the on-line Registration form that is available at the website: Hildegarda.pl/kongres



    2. printing the PDF file (that is available online to download at: Hildegarda.pl/kongres), filling it out and sending it to is by traditional mail to the address:
      Karmelicka 43/43a
      31-128 Kraków



    3. declaring the attendance at the Congress at the Organizer's Office in person by filling out the registration form at:
      Karmelicka 43/43a
      31-128 Kraków
      telefon: +48 516 036 062
      Polskie Centrum św. Hildeagrdy
      Plac Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego 1
      59-220 Legnica

      telefon: + 48 76 854 64 86

  3. The Organizer, in exceptional circumstances, allows the possibility of registering the participation at the Congress by telephone.

  4. Participants can benefit from the following discounts:

    1. Members of the Center of St. Hildegard in Poland Association, who regularly pay their membership fees, are entitled to a 15% discount on the fixed registration amount regardless of the date on which Members of the Association make the payment for participation in Congress.

    2. The remaining Participants are entitled to a 10% discount on the fixed registration amount if they make a payment for their participation at the Congress by June 20, 2019.

      Discounts at the congress fee apply only to the fixed registration amount!


  5. Exempt from the fee is a Participant who presents a presentation, gives a lecture or a lecturer, as well as invited guests. In the field of presentations and lectures and speeches corresponding to these forms, the Organizer reserves the right to personal and thematic arrangements along with making a choice. The list of people is determined and prepared by the Organizer.

  6. The Congress fee in the appropriate amount should be sent to one of the Organizer's invoices listed below with title: „5th Congress of St. Hildegard 2019“:

    Bank account – payment in polish złoty – PLN
    Bank PKO BP in Legnica
    Bank account number: 67 1020 3017 0000 2202 0357 1007
    IBAN: PL67102030170000220203571007

    Bank account – payment in Euro – EURO
    Bank PKO BP in Legnicy
    Bank account number: 33 1020 3017 0000 2702 0278 8487
    IBAN: PL331020301700002702788487

  7. Making the payment please add the title „5th Congress of St. HILDEGARD 2019“, and also add the following details:

    1. In the case of payment of an individual fee: name, surname and address;​

    2. In the case of payment from a person running a business: name or surname, address, tax code of the company;

    3. In the case of payment from a legal personality: full company name, address, KRS number, tax code and name and surname of the person representing for whom the payment is made.

  8. The Congress fee should be paid not later than 31 August 2019.

  9. Upon request, the Organizer will issue an invoice.

  10. The registration form contains specified obligations to the Participant; both those resulting in the value of the fixed registration amount, as well as those whose value consists of a variable optional amount (fixed registration amount + variable amount optional = congress fee).

  11. The costs of participation in the Congress beyond the Congress fee set in the Registration Form shall be borne by the Participant on its own.

  12. The deadline for submitting applications to participate at the Congress via the website, traditional mail and personal applications is the 31st of August 2019.

  13. The organizer reserves the right to extend the registration deadline.

§ 4.


  1.  It is forbidden to conduct marketing activities of its own or third parties in any form, notably through the distribution of advertising materials.

  2. During the Congress, the organizer gives the participants the opportunity to promote their own activities, after prior consent of the Organizer, in the following paid forms:

    1. Class A - placing the logo online advertising and information materials for the amount – price: 1 000 zł

    2. ​Class B - as in class A plus the possibility of setting up an advertising banner previously approved by the Organizer up to 2 square meter –  for a total of 1 500 zł

    3. Class C - as in class B plus the possibility to use the exhibition space (stand with products) – price 2 000 zł

  3. The amounts quoted above can be sent along with the registration fee to your account:

    Bank PKO BP in Legnica
    IBAN: PL 67 1020 0317 0000 2202 0357 1007

    When making a payment, enter a title: 5th International Congress of St. Hildegard - Class A, B or C and the following details:
    ​​Bank account number: 67 1020 0317 0000 2202 0357 1007
    1. in the event of an individual payment: name, surname and address;​​

    2. in the event of a payment from a company: name of the company or the name and surname, address, tax code of the company;

    3. in the event of a payment from a legal service: the name of the company, address, KRS number, tax code of the company and the name and surname fo the person that does the payment.

      Payments of the amounts listed in §4 should be paid by the deadline of 30 June 2019. The organizer warns that the number of exhibition spaces are limited. Detailed information about exhibition places by phone: + 48 76 854 64 86

  4. Expressing the willingness to take advantage of the opportunity to promote their own activities, the Participant shall notify the Organizer in writing. This is each time a separate, individual application accompanying the Registration Form.

  5. Unregulated in the dates mentioned in these Terms & conditions, the Congress fee and the amount declared by the Participants resulting from the provisions of § 4 will authorize the Organizer to cancel applications in the participation at the Congress, also in the aspect of promoting (§ 4) without any liability for damages.



§ 5.

Resignation from participation

  1. The participant may resign from participation at the Congress. Resignation requires a written form and submitting it not later than one week after the date of registration completion set in these Terms & conditions. The date of resignation from participation at the Congress is the presence of the document containing the resignation from the Organizer, not the date of the postal stamp.

  2. The Participant's declaration of resignation from participation in Congress results in the following::

    1. ​The Organizer, after receiving, within the deadline specified in § 5 section 1, the Participant's declaration of resignation from the Congress, will reimburse the Participant for the congress fee incurred by him as well as other amounts resulting from the provisions of these Regulations. The return will be made immediately to the bank account indicated by the Participant.

  3. In the event that the resignation reaches the Organizer after the deadline set in § 5 pt. 1 The organizer has the right to stop the congress fee. The remaining amounts resulting from the provisions of these Regulations are subject to individual arrangements between the Parties.


§ 6.

Organizer and Participant Liability

  1.  In the event that the Congress does not take place at the organizer's fault, the organizer will immediately return the full amount of the registration fee and fees referred to in paragraph. 4.2 and 4.4 of these regulations to the bank account from which the payment was made.

  2. The organizer is not responsible for the participant's inability to participate in Congress due to force majeure or due to the participant's fault.

  3. The organizer of the Congress shall not be held responsible for any items unaccounted for by the participant and consequently lost, stolen, and destroyed.

  4. The participant shall bear full financial responsibility for any damage he or she has made to the premises of the Congress as well as the accommodation.


§ 7.

Consensus and statement


  1. The participant of the Congress agrees for free of charge: consolidating, disseminating and using the organizer's image and voice during the Congress in the reporting material documenting the course of the Congress.

  2. The work created using the image and voice can be used and distributed by the organizer in accordance with art. 50 of the copyright act and other regulations, in particular in reporting materials and the media. This also includes public playback and is not territory limited.

  3. A participant at the Congress declares that the data and information contained in the registration form are true. In the appendix nr 1 (the registration form) the participant agrees to process their personal data by the Organizer of the 5th International Congress of St. Hildegard of Bingen „That’s how God heals” for the organizational purpose of the Congress and also to inform me about new publications, meetings, future congresses, lectures, seminars related to St. Hildegard of Bingen. I have been informed about the right to access my data and the possibility of correcting it. Legal basis: Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016. Personally Identifiable Information Protection Act.


§ 8.

Final Provisions

  1. The organizer sets the agenda of the Congress and reserves the right to make changes in it during the Congress, in particular: change of speakers, lecturers, the order of their occurrence, changes in the time schedule.

  2. Any disputes that may arise from participation at the Congress will be considered first of all in an amicable way.

  3. In matters not covered by these Terms & conditions, generally applicable provisions of law shall apply.

  4. Regulations come into force on the day of its publication on the Congress website.

  5. The organizer has the right to make changes to the Terms & conditions. All changes require an annex. The amendments enter into force upon the publication of an annex to the Regulations placed on the Congress website.


Legnica, 08.05.2019


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